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About Us

We are a family run small business out of San Antonio, Texas. Mom, Heather, and my little suds, Scott, Kaitlyn, Audrie, Piper, and Samuel, enjoy making soaps and bath & body products. Dad, Josh, is a fabulous supporter of my crazy antics!

​It started with a YouTube tutorial and has grown from there! The children asked if they could learn to make soap and sell them to earn money to go to Disney World and I couldn't deny them.

​Along with our soaps in store, we also make custom soaps. So send us an email with an idea and we'll see what we can do to get you your own special bars!

We also finally started breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers are so stoked to share our love for them with those around us! Our first litter was born in March of 2020 and they are adorable little balls of fluff and personality!


Meet the Wickern's

Waiting to see our sweet prophet and hea


Dad, Investor, Product Tester

Josh is my biggest supporter! I've tried lots of random business adventures and he's always there to back me up! Love this man!

Off to Convention!! #younique #pinkstatu


Mom, Soap Making Queen

That's me! Mom, Heather, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Crazy Chicken Lady, Psycho Soap Lady, You name it!

Poltergeist with my big dude!_edited.jpg


Soaping Helper, Soap Designer

Our oldest! Scott loves to help and gets his homework done first thing so he can go play with the animals. Scott wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up.



Soaping Helper, Soap Designer

Sassy Drama Queen! Katie is kind and loving, but she won't take your garbage! Katie loves to draw and write and hang out with her friends.



Soap Designer, Product Testing

Audrie is as crazy as her picture depicts! She is the life of the party! Audrie loves to help and make people laugh!



Product Testing

Piper is soft and sweet. But don't let her innocent little face trick you! She's also sassy as all getout! Piper loves to dance and she loves elephants!



Product Testing

Sam is our baby! (Just don't tell him that! "I'm not a baby!" he'll tell you!) Sam loves to be with people and, as the youngest of five, that's no surprise. He loves Spiderman and PJ Masks!

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