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Our Dogs

Lacey Oak of Red Fern "Lacey"


Josh and I were first introduced to English Cream Retrievers in 2017 and fell immediately in love! We bought our first girl, Lacey Oak of Red Fern, in June of that year. We wanted to share our love for this breed with others and purchased breeding rights for Lacey with her AKC registration.

Lacey is the perfect dog! She doesn't bark, gives cuddles without question, doesn't lick you in the face, and is the sweetest soul. Her only fault? She snores. Like a dragon. Like a dragon with a cold on Nyquil.

We began Lacey's genetic and orthopedic testing in June of 2019 when she turned two years old. While her OFA tests weren't concrete, her genetics pass beautifully. Lacey doesn't carry any oddities and passed every genetic screening given.

Hill Country's White Oak "Oakley"


Because of Lacey and the joy she brings to our family, we decided to expand and get ourselves our own little stud! We purchased Oakley from a wonderful family breeder here in San Antonio. Oakley is a monster! He is huge! At three months, Oakley weighed in at 30 pounds! At five months, he was 60! And now, at seven months, he weighed in at 73! Lacey weighs 65 pounds at almost 3 years old. At four months, Oakley was almost as tall as Lacey and is now a good three inches taller!

Oakley is a big, beautiful, block headed boy! He is just under 100 pounds and trim and thin and athletic. He is a beautiful boy, playful, protective, and loving.

Because of our move, we have not been able to get Oakley's OFA certifications yet, but his preliminary exams are very promising.

Upcoming Litters

Lacey gave birth to her first litter in April of 2020. We instantly fell in love with Ms. Turquoise, and decided to keep her. We named her Indigo Sage and she is such a joy!

Indy loves so hard! She hates to be alone and loves to be around you at any instant!

Indigo delivered her first litter in June of 2022 and is the greatest mom! She is so attentive and loves her babies. Indy will sit and lick and them and just be around them. We are excited to get her OFA results back as we were unable to before her heat.

Indigo is the best and we love her in our family!

Puppies for Sale

Upcoming Litters


Lacey Oak and Oakley were bred in April of 2022 and welcomed six beautiful puppies on June 24th, exactly five years to the day that we brought Lacey home! They had three boys and three girls!


Indigo Sage and Oakley were bred in April of 2022 and welcomed eight puppies on Father's Day! Sadly, two sweet girls were born sleeping, but we are so pleased with the eight living babies we have: five girls and three boys!

Puppies for Sale

Lacey Oak and Indigo Sage were both bred via AI to Oakley in April right before our big move to Idaho. Indigo went into early labor on Father's Day and delivered eight beautiful puppies: five girls and three boys. Five days later, Lacey went into labor and delivered six beautiful babies: three girls and three boys! We are over the moon and head over heels for our wonderful new additions and are currently taking deposits on both litters.





We currently have FOURTEEN puppies for sale; eight girls and six boys.
Puppies will be ready to go home in mid to late August 2022!

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