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Our First Show!

So it wasn't really a "show"... really.

Ok it wasn't at all.

It was a giant garage sale.

But, ya know what?! IT was fun! And we did pretty well!

Forget the fact that Josh spent the money I made faster than I made it, but oh well. He does everything for me and I stole his money to make a bunch of stuff anyways, so, technically, it's all his.



I was a little disappointed when I first got there (at 7am... after leaving the house at 6... after having gone to bed at 1:30 and not fallen asleep until 2:30... with a cold...), because 1. I was sick and tired. and 2. there were no other vendors in sight.

People were there looking for a good deal. Not soap.

So I was all depressed and saddy until I made my first sale.

$20! It cost me $30 to set up shop, so I figured if I at least made my money back, it wasn't an entire waste of time!

And we did well.

And it was super easy to set up AND we had a ton of customers and tons of people taking cards and the event's coordinator actually came out and handed me an application for their next vendor event. She LOVED smelling everything and wanted me at her next show!


So... now I need to get some more soap made! Unicorn Bliss, Black Tie, Creeper Bar (maybe?!), I've got TONS of ideas!

But I also need to make some more display items. As you can see from the pictures, we did well and had a lot of people come to look so I know it's pretty inviting and fun looking. But I can't have my tent at an inside venue, so I need to build some walls and maybe get a rug to go down too.

Anyways, can't wait for my next one! I've got some info for a few more, we'll see how things go!

Here's the set up before most people showed up!

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