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Setting Up (Online) Shop

I have always dabbled in small businesses. Ask my husband. He hates it.

I love being creative, always have, and, when I found soap making, I connected! Not only is making soap SO MUCH STINKIN' FUN, but it's also relaxing and a great creative outlet.

I started following a wonderful vlogger, Katie Carson, over at Royalty Soaps, and fell in love! I decided to give soaping a try. The children and I had a blast and truly enjoyed making our own soap.

When my eleven year old asked if we could maybe sell some to make some money and share what we learned with others, I thought it was a wonderful idea!!

And 5 Little Soap Suds was born!

Although we're just taking off, I have been thrilled at the prospects and all of you who have shown an interest! While I plan to do mostly craft fairs, vendor shows, and community booths at first, I wanted to get a website together where customers could come learn about our little business, find fun soaps and other bath products, and order online in their jammies. What's a better way to shop than that?!

White Tea & Ginger Cold Process Soap

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